Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Gallup and Gallup CBS System

The most common feedback we get from Clients who have built custom homes before with other builders is they have never experienced the level of organization of the building process that Gallup and Gallup prides itself on. Building a custom home is a unique task, one that can create stress and frustration if not met with a rigorous "battle plan". Gallup and Gallup has developed a proven system to handle the logistics of building a completely custom designed and built home. This system is Known as the Custom Build System or CBS.

Gallup & Gallup’s Custom Build System is a Design-Build construction process that over 150 of our clients have worked with us in the past 16 years to create the custom home of their dreams.

Simply put, it is a Turnkey systems approach that manages and coordinates the 6 key elements required to produce the custom home of your dreams. These elements include:

• Development of your custom home plans
• Design and specifications created within your budget range
• Proper design and positioning of the house to maximize the home site considerations
• Cost effective construction using multiple bidding by our proven subcontractors
• Quality and energy efficient construction techniques used to exceed your expectations
• Professional decorating and selections assistance

First of all and most importantly, we learn of your design and d├ęcor preferences, project budget range, site considerations, and personal life style requirements.

Next, we develop a custom home design with specifications and pricing considerations that best mesh to your dream and budget.

Finally, we organize, manage and build your custom home using our Custom Build System to insure construction, cost management, selections, decorating, and completion activities are delivered in such a manner as to provide a positive and rewarding custom building experience.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Home Ownership

At Gallup and Gallup we know the importance of the American Ideal of home ownership. Owning your own home has always been the American dream. Building a new home creates 3 permanent jobs. Gallup and Gallup participated in the Rally for Home Ownership today on the grounds of the South Carolina state capital. Joined by the other members of the Home Builders Association of Columbia, State and Local Politicians, and hundreds others we set out to send law makers an important message. Home ownership is important to America and the recovery of its economy.

If you feel the importance of Home Ownership then sign the petition at: